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Dream Decoding: The Harbor

July 10, 2017 0 Comments

Welcome back to another edition of Dream Decoding, my column dedicated to decoding your dreams!

The dream featured in this installment was submitted by a reader, Monte. Monte, in his submission, informed me that he attended a dream interpretation class his friend taught weekly, but didn’t participate by working on his dreams outside of class.

So, when he had this dream, he didn’t feel he could interpret it on his own (and was too embarrassed to consult with his friend who taught the class, because his friend would know he wasn’t paying attention in class!).

He wanted my take on the dream. Let’s take a look at Monte’s dream:

Dream Title: The Harbor

It is World War II. I am checking a convoy. I am asked if the convoy is occupied. I respond that it is not.

Now, I am in the harbor, swimming in the water. There are giant sea turtles in the water with me. I avoid one, swimming away from it. As I turn, there are two more approaching me.

Decoding The Harbor

The setting of the dream takes place during a historical period. Monte was kind enough to let me know that one of his interests is history, so I find it interesting his dream reflects that.

The period in the dream is a period of war. War can symbolize internal conflict for the dreamer. This being historical makes it a part of Monte’s past (history = his story). So, Monte is experiencing an internal conflict over a past event, perhaps a conflict between two parties (two opposing factions).

Being involved in the war can suggest an allegiance to one of the parties involved in the conflict, insinuating Monte is more loyal to one party than the other.

The next part of the dream has Monte in the water of a harbor. This suggests “harboring” something emotionally (the water). So, the dream now connects the internal conflict to a waking emotional situation. Swimming in the water suggests Monte has gotten himself immersed in this emotional situation.

Monte comes into contact with a sea turtle. Understanding that everything in the dream is an aspect of Monte (rule number one of dream interpretation), this can suggest Monte tries to protect himself emotionally (the shell of the turtle).

It can also suggest he treads through emotional situations very carefully (turtles move slowly). He avoids the turtle, which is a clear signal Monte avoids his feelings.

The dream, however, tells him that no matter how hard he tries, this type of reaction to emotional situations is temporary (evidenced by the other two turtles approaching). This is something Monte cannot avoid indefinitely; Monte must work (swim) his way through these issues.

Two is the number associated with relationships, so he must be in the middle of a relationship (somewhat of a third party). Monte has been trying to avoid getting pulled in, but it seems to be in vain.

The harbor can also symbolize Monte’s birth. When he was born, there may have been conflict between his parents. As Monte grew up, he must have chosen one parent over the other. Since men fought in World War II, I would guess Mike’s loyalties are to his father.

A convoy is an escort for protection; an unoccupied convoy can suggest Monte not feeling protected (safe) growing up in his family. The symbol of the turtle, in connection to this, would make perfect sense. Turtles withdraw into their shells for safety; this has become a way of life for Monte (three turtles in the water). Monte avoids emotional conflicts by withdrawing, or retreating, into his shell.

In closing…

I want to thank Monte for providing us with this very interesting dream to examine and discuss. I would also encourage Monte to journal and work with his dreams more (and to make his teacher friend so proud of Monte as a student).

As a person who has taught classes on dream interpretation and facilitated dream groups in the past, I’ve offered my students the same advice, but I don’t force them to do the work.

I know the benefits of working with dreams and how they can enhance my life.

People have to come to that conclusion on their own by making the commitment and doing the work. Monte was making the commitment to his friend by showing up for the class as a show of support, but wasn’t committing to himself by taking the time to use the tools he was being taught to enrich his life.

I look forward to Monte circling back and sharing his thoughts and feelings about the decoding of his dream.

And, until that time, if you have a dream you’d like to submit to Dream Decoding, please e-mail your submissions to james@jameshimm with Dream Decoding and the title of the dream in the subject line.

Sweet dreams!


About the Author:

I am passionate about dreams, Tarot, Reiki, personal growth & development, and self-improvement. I work with people, helping them understand the messages of their dreams, as well as read the Tarot professionally.
All the work I do has the same common thread: to get people to become more self-aware, so they can improve themselves and live their best lives. My favorite quote is by Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

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