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Angel Card Readings

Your Angels are friends and companions that are always around you, ready and waiting to assist you with their spiritual support. Angel cards are a wonderful way to connect with these divine messengers of Spirit.

An angel card reading offers positive and uplifting guidance, inspiration and motivation about every aspect of your life: work, relationships, spiritual path, abundance and prosperity, and life purpose.

I offer three types of Angel Card Readings:

Angelic Insight Reading

The Angelic Insight Reading is a 3-card reading using a single deck that is appropriate for your question.

This reading explores the situation/question from an angelic perspective, offers guidance from your angels, and considers the energy surrounding a possible outcome.

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Heaven & Earth Reading

The Heaven & Earth Reading is a 6-card reading using two decks. Decks selected for the reading are based on the specifics of the question.

This reading offers guidance and insight from your angels about the question being asked, as well as how you might practically apply that guidance to the situation moving forward.

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Angel Box Reading

The Angel Box Reading is a 9-card reading using three decks. Decks selected for the reading are based on the specifics of the question.

This reading goes more in-depth, as it explores both the prior and current energies of the situation, as well as possibilities that lie ahead. The Angel Box Reading gets to the heart of the matter, taking into account both the internal and external factors playing a role in the situation. Your angels will offer you their perspective, as well as guidance for your consideration to assist you in moving forward.

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Here's what some of my clients have said about their Angel Card Reading experience:

  Anne Schoenning

Thank you for the lovely reading you did for me. I couldnt believe how spot on you were with the details and my emotions. Recommend from the deepest of my heart a reading from James.

James, this was a fantastic, perfect reading.... I recognized myself in it and all that I have in me. You gave, with your reading, my heart a voice, to believe in what is in me. Thank you for this wonderful (I mean full of wonders) reading. It really makes so much sense to me. I'm still surprised at how accurate the reading was. God bless.

  Petra Klonowski
Beata Olah-Wood

Thank you so much for this reading. I enjoyed the way you have worded the messages and feelings coming through. The reading resonates with me deeply. You were spot on, loving and clear in the messages. The messages are so beautifully noted for me. I will be reading and re-reading this. Thank you again so much. I really appreciate it. X

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Your Next Steps:

Consider a couple of time-slots that work for you if you'd like to connect in-person (if you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area), on the phone, or by Skype for your reading. This allows me to check my schedule with the times you're available for your reading.

If you'd like your reading delivered to your e-mail inbox, please allow 24-48 hours to receive your reading. Be sure to check your spam/trash/promotions folder, in case it’s sent there by some mistake. If you don’t see it after that, let me know so I can resend the information to you.

To pay for your reading, click the button below that corresponds to the reading you’d like to purchase. You’ll receive a payment confirmation note straight away. After that, you'll be directed to a page with a short form for you to complete pertaining to your reading.

Angelic Insight Reading

Heaven & Earth Reading

Angel Box Reading

In-person, phone, and Skype readings include a complimentary mp3 recording, as well as photos of your cards, delivered to your inbox.

E-mail readings can be either a typed report with photos of your cards or an mp3 recording with photos of your cards.

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