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Client Stories

"I just wanted to thank you again for your service. I feel so much more grounded in reality, and as such, more secure after your reading. Have a lot to think about, but I feel like I am coming from a place of truth and personal accountability rather than denial now.
Going to get a few more sessions in during the year because of your ability as a counselor.
The funny thing is that though Tarot is meant to be a view into the future, I gain more from it from you because you truly utilize it as a platform for healing and self-maintenance."

Debra Elizabeth Cardell

"Whenever I'm in a rough spot in my life, a Tarot consultation with James always makes it brighter and more clear.
Thank you, James, for everything!"

Teresa Law

Carolina One Real Estate

“James helped me and my family at a time when our lives were topsy-turvy and we had a lot of important decisions to make. I could not have made those decisions without him!
One of the things that happened through working with James was my finding full-time employment! I worked as a teacher previously, but found that work extremely stressful. During that process, James worked with me on my resume, interviewing skills, and even helped me set up my profile on LinkedIn! The job I have now is not as stressful as being a teacher and I have full health benefits for me and my family, which we needed.
If you're not sure whether or not to work with James, I am happy to recommend him! I wish him much business success and lots of love!”

Denise Laird

“James has been reading for me for almost 10 years now, seeing me through some really challenging periods in my life during that time.
He is not only extremely gifted and very accurate, but he truly cares about you as a person and genuinely wants to help you achieve your life goals. He is extremely moral and ethical, and in his profession, those are both traits that are very important--but not always found. He has helped me grow tremendously. I not only consider him a friend, but also a huge blessing in my life.
I have referred several friends to him over the years and they all also still see him.”

Stacie Maliskey

“I highly recommend James! He is extremely talented and passionate about what he does. He always gives great, accurate feedback and advice on the topics we discuss. I can’t say enough positive things about him! He has been helping me for many years with my business and work as a Newborn Care Specialist, and when I’m ready to take my business in a new direction or its next level, I make it a point to talk with James!”

Jessica Mason

"James is so good at what he does. In my session, I wanted to focus on growing my RoHun Therapy practice. I’m one of the people he loves to serve: I am skilled at what I do, but know little about how to market myself for business growth. In just that one session with James, I came away with some great marketing strategies: I was able to identify new ideal clients that I could help, and how to find them; a new way to market the results of the work that I do; and new strategic referral partners to collaborate with. I will be putting these strategies to work for me, and I will be back with James!"

Dr. Darcy Fietsam

Prema Alternative Psychotherapy

“The resources that you call upon are vast, and your intuitions are dead-on! I will spend more time looking over your interpretations, to give my self time to absorb the various meanings. Thank you James for your interpretations and intuitions, and I also thank your spiritual network of guides and angels for allowing your messages to flow through you.”

Andrew Luse

“Thank you! Not even my closest friends have ever come close to the sort of understanding of me that you have…and all from working with one of my dreams! It’s almost like that understanding was an oasis to offer me relief from the radiation of frustration I have been experiencing in life. Thank you again!”

Anthony J. Washington

“Okay, not to freak you out, but I put your number in speed dial so I can call you at 2 am! 🙂 You got the gift, James, and you know how to use it! My dream session with you was incredibly helpful. Thanks again!”

Steven Willard

“I enjoyed the thoroughness and magnitude of information shared with me during my session. I have never really dabbled with numbers and sun signs so I found it fascinating. It was certainly relevant to what I have been feeling from Spirit; direct alignment in fact. James has the perfect demeanor for this type of work. He is very insightful and patient. I plan to recommend James and his “Career Code” Coaching work to other people I think would be interested and find it beneficial. I wish him continued success!


Far-i Studios

“I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the session. The entire hour was filled with information and inspiration and motivation. It was awesome! I would certainly recommend this service to others who are questioning what their “true work” may be. To actually walk through this process of re-discovery with another individual was wonderful. Thank you!!”

Maureen Boccitto

“The whole session was MAGICAL…it created instantaneous shifts within me…it was the perfect way to see myself in a mirror and recognizing the potential for spiritual, personal, and professional growth. It all made so much sense and was great “confirmation” to knowing I am on the right path. James, it was an unbelievable experience and you presented the information in a very professional, thorough, and clear manner…a unique way on how to approach life…thank you! What a GREAT COACH I have now!”

Maria Luisa Castillo-Gulick

"I had a session with James that was amazing on so many levels: spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and it made a difference in my approach to things at this time in my life.
I am reorganizing my priorities and owning my right to be, to prosper, to love and be loved in return. Life doesn’t just happen. We have a right to choose our path and let no one steal our joy.
Thanks for the book, James…I devoured it and am looking for more. Much love for the guiding light you are. Namaste!"

Derrell J. Chandler

“When I came to see James for a Tarot consult, I had my first book, “Izzy and the Crystal of Power” published. I wanted to know the best ways of getting the word out about the book, as I wanted as many people to get their hands on it as possible.
In my session, James opened my eyes to another possibility I hadn’t considered. He saw me giving talks about the book, and even suggested another audience: aspiring authors. Because I was now a published author—and an expert—I could talk about my path to publication with others walking on the same path.
With his intuitive coaching, I've had opportunities to speak about writing and my book in several venues since my session. James has even come to some of the venues for moral support! I am so thankful for all his help and encouragement!"

Kim McLendon

"I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave. It was a wonderful experience and I can not wait till the next one. I look forward to seeing you again."

Rachel Elliot

“When I first came to see James, I was seeking guidance about the direction of my work as an artist and with my paintings of “God” in particular.
During my Tarot consultation with James, he accurately intuited a partnership and even zeroed in on one of the possible names of that merger!
After my consultation, I was so encouraged and inspired to open an art studio and gallery with that partner, and create a “salon,” where other creatives could come and gather and share their work. And James was right there in attendance on opening day! I am so thankful for James helping me get on the right path regarding my work. He is a miracle worker!”

Doris Colbert Kennedy

"Thanks, are an amazing star that guides us all!"

Mim Condon

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