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Cracking Your “Career Code” Coaching

Do you hate going to work?
Do you feel stuck in your job?
Do you feel unfulfilled at the end of each and every workday?
Do you long for work that makes the best use of your talents, skills, and abilities?
Are you underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated?
Have you been downsized or lost your job?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people are not working in their dream jobs? Are you one of those people?

If you are questioning whether you’re on the right track, wanting to do something different, or hoping to someday be working in your “dream job,” help is here!

Did you know that each and every one of us has our perfect career–that dream job we long for–encoded within us? We do…and I work with individuals to crack their “career code!”

Having been trained and certified by career intuitive Sue Frederick, based on material from her book “I See Your Dream Job,” I use the information contained within your date of your birth to gain intuitive information that will help you uncover the work you were born to do; the work that best utilizes your natural born talents.

As an Intuitive “Workstyle” Coach, I also use current career knowledge to assist you in finding or creating the work that is a great fit, that perfect match; work that you are well-suited for, and is tailor-made just for you. The work that you—and only you—can do.

During your Cracking Your “Career Code” Coaching Session, we will:

    • Decipher your “Career Code” and your current Career Cycle
    • Share insights about your career path, your reinvention cycle and your mission statement

    • Move through any fears and doubts surrounding your work/career path

    • Use your pain as fuel

    • Look at your past work experiences, as they have played a part in helping you to move in a new direction

    • Create a “next step” action plan to get you moving forward, toward your next career

After this one-hour session, you’ll walk away with fresh perspectives on your life’s direction and the work you came here to do. Let me help you discover your great work, so you can get about the business of doing it!

Here’s what previous clients have said about their “Career Code” Coaching  sessions:

Maria Luisa Castillo-Gulick

The whole session was MAGICAL…it created instantaneous shifts within me…it was the perfect way to see myself in a mirror and recognize the potential for spiritual, personal, and professional growth. It all made so much sense and was great “confirmation” to knowing I am on the right path. James, it was an unbelievable experience and you presented the information in a very professional, thorough, and clear manner…a unique way on how to approach life…thank you! What a GREAT COACH I have now!

Maureen Boccitto

I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the session. The entire hour was filled with information and inspiration and motivation. It was awesome! I would certainly recommend this service to others who are questioning what their “true work” may be. To actually walk through this process of re-discovery with another individual was wonderful. Thank you!!

JahSun Visual & Aerosol Artist

I enjoyed the thoroughness and magnitude of information shared with me during my session. I have never really dabbled with numbers and sun signs so I found it fascinating. It was certainly relevant to what I have been feeling from Spirit; direct alignment in fact. James has the perfect demeanor for this type of work. He is very insightful and patient. I plan to recommend James and his “Career Code” Coaching work to other people I think would be interested and find it beneficial. I wish him continued success!

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Cracking Your "Career Code" Coaching Session

 One hour session  $125 investment

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