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3-Card E-Mail Tarot Consultations

Due to the popularity of my Tarot Consultations, I have now started to conduct e-mail readings!

The Process

When it’s time for me to conduct your reading, I will sit with your question and focus on it. I will shuffle the deck I’ll be using for your reading, as I focus on you and your question. I’ll cut the deck into three piles, put it back together and then fan out the cards (all the while keeping them facedown).

I’ll pull three cards. I’ll lay them out face up in front of me to assess them. I will write out the “download” of information as it comes to me. After the downloading process, I’ll move to the computer and start typing. More information has been known to come in to me while typing, so I just go with it.

After the typing, I go back and edit. I do my own editing for reasons of client confidentiality—my eyes are the only ones to view the information of your reading—that is, until you do.

Once the editing is done, I hit "send" and the reading is on its way to your inbox!

  In your 3-Card E-Mail Tarot Consultation, I will:

  • Look at the present energy of your particular question, concern, or situation
  • Uncover the challenges involved
  • Reveal what is at the core of the experience
  • Examine how the past has influenced where you are now
  • Discover what the lessons are for you to learn in your experience
  • Take a look at your role in your situation and what you bring to it
  • See how others may be affecting the situation
  • Take into account Tarot's suggested advice, guidance, and possible courses of action
  • Consider possible outcomes based on the information throughout the consultation​

Your Next Step

You can use the contact form below to send me your question. Please be specific when asking your question. The more specific you are with the question, the better the information you’ll receive.

I will be sending you an e-mail verifying your e-mail (be sure it’s a working address) and clarifying your question if need be. Your reading will not be started until you respond to this e-mail from me.

You’ll get an answer to your question within 48 hours. Be sure to check your spam/trash/promotions folder, in case it’s sent there by some mistake. If you don’t see it after that, let me know so I can resend the information to you.

How to Pay

Click the “Buy Now” button below. You’ll receive a payment confirmation right away.

3-Card E-Mail Tarot Consultation


Three-Card Tarot E-Mail Reading

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