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Lenormand Readings

What is Lenormand?

When I was guided to Lenormand, I had been reading Tarot, both personally and professionally, for 15 years. I learned, right from the start, that reading Lenormand is a very different practice—and experience—than reading Tarot.

The Lenormand is a divination system that’s based on a style of cartomancy (card reading) from the late 1800s. Typically, the Lenormand deck is fairly small (bridge-sized), and consists of 36 cards. Each card in the deck has a single image, icon, or symbol, which is central to its meaning. The cards are read in pairs and combinations, each one forming a word in a sentence of interpretation. These symbols work together to inform us about the events that happen around us, both directly and indirectly.

When I read with Tarot, the cards are consulted for guidance; Lenormand, by contrast, is considered a more predictive form of cartomancy, determining the most likely effects that both the present and the past can have on the future.

If you consider the idea that life is an experience of the journey as well as the destination, a Lenormand reading gives you “navigational” information that can show some causation—a possible route, the conditions surrounding it, and the likelihood of results. A Lenormand reading helps you to see and understand a situation from different angles and perspectives, so you can choose the best course going forward.

While Tarot, for me, is a divination system that can deal with the higher paths of life, Lenormand can bring things down to its more everyday events; it points more to the practical things going on around you.

A Lenormand reading can show likely tendencies that are based on your current (present) circumstances, leading to informed decisions that allow you to chart the course of your future.

Lenormand Reading Service Offerings

I offer three types of Lenormand readings:

Lenormand Life of 5 Reading

This reading consists of a line of 5 cards, used as a quick way to answer your question.

This is a great option if you like things short, sweet, and to the point.

Cards featured are from Le Fanu's Lilac Dondorf.

Lenormand Box Reading

In this 9-card reading, your question will be explored from the perspectives of the past, present, and potential for the future. The cards are read in a variety of ways to offer a number of messages about your situation.

This is a great option if you like a little more detail regarding your situation.

Cards featured are from the Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trӧsch.

Lenormand Grand Tableau

The Grand Tableau, translated from the French, means “Big Picture.” This reading uses all 36 cards of the Lenormand deck.

The Grand Tableau can be considered a map of your life, covering aspects of your journey, exploring where you’ve been, what you’re experiencing in the present, and what may be coming your way in the future.

A Grand Tableau can also shed some light on any hidden influences and patterns that may be keeping you from moving forward and achieving your goals.

Cards featured are from the 1889 Lenormand Oracle by Jennifer Kast.

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Your Next Steps:

Consider a couple of time-slots that work for you if you'd like to connect in-person (if you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area), on the phone, or by Skype for your reading. This allows me to check my schedule with the times you're available for your reading.

If you'd like your reading delivered to your e-mail inbox, please allow 24-48 hours to receive your reading. Be sure to check your spam/trash/promotions folder, in case it’s sent there by some mistake. If you don’t see it after that, let me know so I can resend the information to you.

To pay for your reading, click the button below that corresponds to the reading you’d like to purchase. You’ll receive a payment confirmation note straight away. After that, you'll be directed to a page with a short form for you to complete pertaining to your reading.

Lenormand Line of 5 Reading

Lenormand Box Reading

Lenormand Grand Tableau

In-person, phone, and Skype readings include a complimentary mp3 recording, as well as photos of your cards, delivered to your inbox.

E-mail readings can be either a typed report with photos of your cards or an mp3 recording with photos of your cards.

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