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Meet the Man of LifePlan

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Hi, I’m James Himm Mitchell.

As a Tarot consultant, oracle card reader, Dream Decoder, and intuitive life coach, I help clients seeking guidance and direction tap into their inner wisdom–so they can develop strategies to transform their personal and professional lives.

Most of my clients are spiritual seekers, like me; I also work with aspiring coaches, creatives (writers and artists) and holistic and/or metaphysical practitioners and service providers–who dream of turning their spiritual passions into a business.

I know choosing the right consultant, reader and coach is important, so I invite you to take a look at the training and certifications I’ve acquired over my career.

My Education, Certifications, and Credentials


  • BA in Psychology from Ashford University; Minor in Human Resource Management
  • Master’s Degree in Psychology from University of the Rockies


  • Certified Indigo Card Reader (Charles Virtue)
  • Certified Life Coach (Life Coach Institute of Orange County)
  • Certified Professional Intuitive Coach (I See Your Dream Job International Professional Coaching Institute)

Memberships and Societies

  • American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)
  • International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers (IMPACT)
  • Charleston Area Tarot Society (CATS)

Why I Do This Work

I remember lying in bed, hands behind my head on my pillow, staring at the ceiling. I was turning the Big 3-0 (which is not as big a deal now as it was back then), and I was feeling unfulfilled in my life and work.

In my mind, I was asking The Big Questions: “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?”

You see, several years prior, I was suicidal. I tried to “check out” twice. Both times I experienced a Divine Intervention. So I thought, since I was still here, there must be a “plan” for me and my life, something I was here to do—something only I could do.

So after asking those Questions, something happened. I was introduced to the ancient science of numbers—and my life suddenly made sense. I discovered my Divine Design.

Discovering my Divine Design led me to connect with the world of the metaphysical; opened the window to develop my intuition; got me to explore and study more divination systems; and apply Universal Laws and Principles to my life and work.

When I work with divination tools (Tarot, Lenormand, and playing cards), my reading style is conversational and interactive, and consulting the cards isn’t just about making future predictions; the cards become a springboard for creating an action plan designed to get you from the energies of the present to the future you want to create.

In my work with the cards, the future isn’t written in stone or “fated” to happen; rather the future is a result of the choices we make and the actions we take in the present moment.

I do this work because I know from my own personal experiences–as well as reading professionally for 18 years–that divination systems can be powerful tools of personal transformation, and I’m committed to using them to give you both the strategies and support you need to transform your life, your career, and your personal well-being.

Things You Might Want to Look at While You’re Here!

From this page, you can learn a little bit more about me and about my work, read about my coaching and consulting services, and schedule your FREE mapping session so we can start the clock on your time of transformation!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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