Transform confusion into clarity!

If you’re struggling with doubt and uncertainty, I can help you transform confusion into clarity with the use of Tarot, Lenormand, and other types of oracles. Let’s see what’s in the cards for you!

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James Himm Mitchell

As a Tarot consultant, oracle card reader, Dream Decoder, and intuitive life coach, I help clients seeking guidance and direction tap into their inner wisdom–so they can develop strategies to transform their personal and professional lives.

I do this work because I know from my own personal experiences - as well as reading professionally for 20 years - that divination systems can be powerful tools of personal transformation.

I’m committed to using them to give you both the strategies and support you need to transform your life, your career, and your personal well-being.

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What Clients Are Saying...

“James is so good at what he does. In my session, I wanted to focus on growing my RoHun Therapy practice. I’m one of the people he loves to serve: I am skilled at what I do, but know little about how to market myself for business growth. In just that one session with James, I came away with some great marketing strategies: I was able to identify new ideal clients that I could help, and how to find them; a new way to market the results of the work that I do; and new strategic referral partners to collaborate with. I will be putting these strategies to work for me, and I will be back with James!”

Dr. Darcy Fiehtsam
Dr. Darcy Fiehtsam
RoHun Therapist

“The whole session was MAGICAL…it created instantaneous shifts within me…it was the perfect way to see myself in a mirror and recognizing the potential for spiritual, personal, and professional growth. It all made so much sense and was great “confirmation” to knowing I am on the right path. James, it was an unbelievable experience and you presented the information in a very professional, thorough, and clear manner…a unique way on how to approach life…thank you! What a GREAT COACH I have now!”

Maria Luisa Castillo-Gulick
Maria Luisa Castillo-Gulick

When I came to see James for a Tarot consult, I had my first book, “Izzy and the Crystal of Power” published. I wanted to know the best ways of getting the word out about the book, as I wanted as many people to get their hands on it as possible.
In my session, James opened my eyes to another possibility I hadn’t considered. He saw me giving talks about the book, and even suggested another audience: aspiring authors. Because I was now a published author—and an expert—I could talk about my path to publication with others walking on the same path.
With his intuitive coaching, I’ve had opportunities to speak about writing and my book in several venues since my session. James has even come to some of the venues for moral support! I am so thankful for all his help and encouragement!”

Kim McLendon
Kim McLendon

“I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the session. The entire hour was filled with information and inspiration and motivation. It was awesome! I would certainly recommend this service to others who are questioning what their “true work” may be. To actually walk through this process of re-discovery with another individual was wonderful. Thank you!!”

Maureen Boccitto
Maureen Boccitto

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