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7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Evaluating Intuitive Guidance

December 20, 2014 0 Comments

butterfly in hand-blueAs an intuitive oracle card reader, I stress to my clients the importance of evaluating the information delivered in my sessions with them–long after the sessions have ended and they’ve gone home.

If you’re considering working with a professional intuitive, here are 7 questions, suggested by author Mark Thurston, Ph.D., that you can ask yourself to help you evaluate the information you receive in your session:

1. Does the intuitive information have a ring of truth for you? In other words, does the information contain facts that you can confirm (meaning they can be checked out and validated) as well as a “feeling” that it is right for you?

2. Does the intuitive information give you things that you could be doing—that you could apply to your life? And when you do the things suggested, what are the results? The action steps provided ought to show some benefit to you.

3. Does the intuitive information empower you to take charge of your own life? This is a major one for me in my work. A red flag should go up if the intuitive says you have to come back at a later date in the future for more information. Instead, the intuitive should be saying something like, “Here’s what you can be doing to find your own answers.”

4. Does the intuitive information leave you with a sense of hope about your life? There may be parts of the session that can be a little hard to face up to—that may even seem discouraging—but the session should leave you feeling hopeful about your life.

I know I’ve done my job correctly when a client, as she is leaving, says, “I feel better about things now than I did when I first came in.”

5. Does the intuitive information speak your language? Does the information use words, metaphors, and images that speak to you? This is a great indication that the intuitive has connected with you. As an intuitive and coach, I call this “stepping into the client’s world.”

As an example, most of my clients have an understanding of metaphysical concepts and we can speak that language. But, I also have had the pleasure of working with people who come from a more traditional spiritual background, and in those sessions, I’ve found myself seeing and quoting (Christian) scripture, which helps them easily understand the information given–because they can relate to it.

6. Does the intuitive information stretch you in some way? Does it allow you to see yourself in new ways, ways that you had not considered before? While it’s great to have things confirmed (read Question #1), a reliable intuitive will give information that really pushes you to grow.

7. And finally, does the intuitive information seem to get better over time? As the weeks and months go by, and you look back on the information, more and more you will appreciate the high quality of what you received.

One of the best experiences I had with this was when I just happened to “bump” into a former client. She just “happened” to be in town for the weekend, and on her last day, we ran into one another. She told me she was hoping to have the chance to see me. She then shared that she still had the tape of the session we had five years ago (that was a long time ago—I no longer use tapes to record sessions!); during that five-year span, she had moved away. She shared that she still listens to it–and it is just as valuable to her now as it was when she first listened to it.

I’ve had many people find these 7 questions helpful when considering working with a professional intuitive. Not only is it helpful for both you and the intuitive—but also for the integrity of the work.

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Thurston, M. (1997). Synchronicity as Spiritual Guidance. Virginia Beach: A.R.E. Press.

About the Author:

I am passionate about dreams, Tarot, Reiki, personal growth & development, and self-improvement. I work with people, helping them understand the messages of their dreams, as well as read the Tarot professionally. All the work I do has the same common thread: to get people to become more self-aware, so they can improve themselves and live their best lives. My favorite quote is by Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth living."

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