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 I offer services that allow you to see situations from different perspectives, choose the best course of action, and restore peace and harmony to your life.

I offer services that allow you to see situations from different perspectives, choose the best course of action, and restore peace and harmony to your life.

As your intuitive life coach, I will use brainstorming skills, quick thinking, imagination, and your life experiences in my work with you, offering you a highly personalized approach to your struggles and dreams. In a supportive atmosphere, I will help you attain the growth you are striving for.

I will use a little “woo” in your process of becoming a new you!

I offer sessions in-person, by phone, and by Skype. We will start with an initial conversation to clearly define your short and long-term goals. We will use the material from that conversation as the foundation to create strategies that will support your dreams, visions, and goals becoming your new reality.

Consulting Services

Tarot Consultations

This is LifePlan’s most popular offering!

universal-rider-waite-promoEveryone is searching for answers, for clarity, for the truth of their lives. The Tarot can help you find your answers, help you get clear, help you tell your truth.

A Tarot consultation can be easy, fun, and insightful–if you’re open to the process.

A Tarot consultation can help you see patterns, identify the blocks, fears, and doubts that play a part in the situation you bring to the table.

What do you want to know? Where do you want to go in your life?  What question will you ask in your consultation?

I’m ready to help you answer those questions.

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Lenormand Readings

When I read with Tarot, the cards are consulted for guidance; Lenormand, by contrast, is considered a more predictive form of cartomancy, determining the most likely effects that both the present and the past can have on the future.

If you consider the idea that life is an experience of the journey as well as the destination, a Lenormand reading gives you “navigational” information that can show some causation—a possible route, the conditions surrounding it, and the likelihood of results.

A Lenormand reading helps you to see and understand a situation from different angles and perspectives, so you can choose the best course going forward.

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Coaching Services

The James Himm Mitchell Mapping Session

globe and compassHere’s what we’ll do together in this value session:

  • We’ll get really clear on where you are now and where you want to be in the future
  • I will diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
  • I will tell you exactly what you should focus on to move you forward
  • I will give you my best recommendation for strategy and the next steps you should take
  • I will give you my honest evaluation on what is possible for you and how far you can go based on your skills and goals

Apply for your FREE 30-minute Mapping Session with me today!

I only accept a limited number of applications each month.
Complete the application to increase your chances of receiving one of these limited sessions!

“Best Life Blueprint” Coaching Session


  • Is life giving you a wake-up call?
  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Empty?
  • Unfulfilled?
  • Think you’ve gotten off-track?
  • Lacking purpose and direction?

These are the things we’ll explore in your “Best Life Blueprint” Coaching Session. We’ll discuss the areas of your life you would like to focus on and begin to change for the better.

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  Cracking Your “Career Code” Coaching

hating the job

Do you hate going to work? Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you feel unfulfilled at the end of each and every workday? Do you long for work that makes the best use of your talents, skills, and abilities? Are you underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated?

If you’re questioning whether you’re on the right track, wanting to do something different, or hoping to someday be working in your “dream job,” help is here!

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Dream Decoder Coaching: Creating the Life of Your Dreams

dream mirrorDreams help you solve problems with creative solutions and can touch all aspects of your life: career, relationships, health, spirituality, and life purpose and direction.

The challenge comes in understanding your dream language, for no two dreamers dreams alike; every dream is unique to the “author” of the dream.

LifePlan is excited to offer a dream coaching program to help you understand your dream language, and comprehend the messages of your dreams.  We’ll work together to apply the dreams to your waking life.

To learn more, click here.

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