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What Type of Reading is Right for You?

March 3, 2016 0 Comments
It’s my belief that divination decks have “voices” and speak differently throughout a reading.

It’s my belief that divination decks have “voices” that speak differently throughout a reading.

In another post, I wrote about my thoughts on the different “voices” of the divination decks I use in my private and professional practice (Tarot, Lenormand, and Angel cards), and how each one might speak in a reading.

I wanted the piece to serve as the response to prospective clients who were asking me what the difference was between the decks, in terms of how they “read.” So, that first piece explained those differences, based on my own experiences. It was designed to help seekers determine which type of reading would be right for them, depending on their situation, and the form of insight and guidance being sought.

And while explanations are great, sometimes having an experience is better. And that’s what I want to offer in this piece.

I’m going to conduct a brief reading, using all three divination decks.

The Situation for the Reading

Let’s say I have a client, “Susie,” who’s interested in having a reading. She’s not sure if getting a Tarot reading, a Lenormand reading, or an Angel card reading would be best for her. I decide to offer her a “sampler,” so she can get a taste of each of the divination tools I read with.

I ask Susie to share with me something she’d like some insight, guidance, and direction about. Susie shares with me that she’s been seeing this guy, “Bobby,” and it’s still a relatively new thing. Things were going well, and then they started having problems, which she doesn’t elaborate on and I don’t ask more about. So, she decides to ask what Bobby is thinking or feeling about her.

We have a conversation about the question, because I consider it to be an inappropriate question. As a result, Susie rephrases her question to, “What do I need to know about my relationship with Bobby?”

Reading with the Tarot

Using the Universal Waite Tarot, I shuffle the cards, cut the deck, fan the cards, and pull one card: Ace of Swords.

Ace of Swords, from the Universal Waite Tarot by A. E. Waite & Pamela Colman Smith. Published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

Ace of Swords, from the Universal Waite Tarot by A. E. Waite & Pamela Colman Smith, and colored by Mary Hanson-Roberts. Published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

Aces in Tarot can indicate a new phase or chapter in life, and this would fit with Susie saying the relationship is a “relatively new thing.” This particular card can suggest that this new situation can have a bit of a bumpy start (which it has), but to not be deterred.

And that’s because the Ace of Swords can suggest a triumph, victory, and success. The card can also indicate that there will be an answer or solution to the problems being experienced. So, this card is a positive indicator that Susie and Bobby could possibly work out their present issues.

Swords can point out communication issues, so this card could suggest what might be helpful is for Susie (since she is the one having the reading) to think of new—and better ways—to “make her point” in conversations with Bobby.

Ace of Swords could also be asking Susie to consider whether or not she’s placing some kind of pressure on Bobby with regard to where the relationship might be going, as I read this card as putting pressure on someone.

So, from the perspective of Tarot, Susie and Bobby could work their issues out, if Susie does her part in minding the words she’s using when talking with Bobby, especially if she comes across as putting pressure on him about their future.

Reading with the Lenormand

Putting the same question to the Lenormand, I shuffle the cards, cut the deck, fan the cards, and draw three (because Lenormand is best read in pairs and triplets, not single cards), from the Wanderwust Lenormand: Heart – Stars – Clover.

Heart, Stars, and Clover, from the Wanderwust Lenormand by Wandering Oracle.

Heart, Stars, and Clover, from the Wanderwust Lenormand by Wandering Oracle.

Stars, as the center card (the focus), can suggest clarity, and that “all is well.” It’s a card of inspiration, guidance, and direction. It can be about goals and aspirations.

A little side note: Stars can also be about divination, so it’s nice to have that context, especially during a reading.

Heart is a great card to appear, as it can be about love and romance, which fits the question.

Clover, as the final card, can mean luck and opportunity.

So, these cards are telling Susie that she’s met and fallen in love with the man of her dreams, and that, even though she and Bobby are having problems at the moment, this is a positive relationship and a wonderful opportunity.

These cards, like Ace of Swords, are also telling Susie to keep her goals (Stars) for the relationship (Heart), in terms of “where it’s going,” short-term (Clover), rather than projecting way into the future.

See that? Short, sweet, to the point. That’s how Lenormand rolls.

Reading with an Angel Card

Sticking with the same question, Susie and I turn to consult with the Angels, to see what messages they have for her about her relationship with Bobby.

While just about any deck of Angel cards could be used for this question, I turn to a specialty deck: the Romance Angels Oracle Cards. And just like I did with Tarot, I shuffle the cards, cut the deck, fan the cards, and draw one.

The card is Trust.

Trust, from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, and published by Hay House. The artwork for this card is by Howard David Johnson.

Trust, from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, and published by Hay House. The artwork for this card is by Howard David Johnson.

When I work with Angel cards, I look to the image first. Here, there is a couple, in a close embrace and gazing into each other’s eyes, as the Romance Angel (the cherub) observes. This is a positive sign, as I see the couple as Susie and Bobby, and then I hear the words “hold on to what you’ve got” in my mind.

I look at the text: “This situation is calling for you to have faith.” So, the Angels are asking Susie to have faith that things will work out between her and Bobby.

The Angels are asking Susie to trust that everything is exactly as it needs to be, as whatever is going on between the two of them is designed for Susie’s personal growth, which I state that way because she is the one present and having the reading done.

The Angels are telling Susie, through this card, that being fearful about the future of the relationship creates only drama and negativity, and robs her of enjoying things in the present moment. The Angels want Susie to release any worries she has to them, and to go on faith—not with fear—that she’s being led in the right direction.

After the Reading

Going over the messages, Susie sees that all three were positive about the relationship, and she noticed that each deck did indeed say it in a different way.

And that was the purpose of this “sampler” for you. If you’re considering seeing a Tarot reader, a Lenormand reader, or an Angel card reader for guidance and insight about your particular concerns, know that the messages in the reading will be presented in a particular “voice.”

It’s a matter of deciding which voice presents the message in a way that best resonates with you.

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