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“Best Life Blueprint” Coaching

Is life giving you a wake-up call? Are you feeling stuck? Empty? Unfulfilled? Do you think you’ve gotten off-track? Are you lacking a sense of purpose and direction?

These are the things we will explore in your "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session. We will discuss the areas of your life you would like to focus on and begin to change for the better.

In your "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session, my role as your intuitive life coach and sixth sense strategist will be to use brainstorming skills, quick thinking, imagination, and your life experiences to assist you. I will use a little "woo" in your process of becoming a new you!

During your "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session, we will:

  • Determine the area of your life you would like to create change                                                                    
  • Create a new vision for the chosen area of life you want to improve
  • Uncover the challenges, both past and current, that are keeping you stuck (even some you aren’t aware of)
  • Create and begin to put into action your own Personal Inspiration Plan (PIP), which will be the blueprint you will use to achieve the results you desperately want

At the end of this session, you will leave feeling renewed and inspired to take immediate action!

Here's what some of my clients have said about their "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching  experience:

Dr. Darcy Fietsam RoHun Therapist

I wanted to focus on growing my RoHun Therapy practice. In just one session with James, I came away with some great marketing strategies: I was able to identify new ideal clients that I could help, and how to find them; a new way to market the results of the work that I do; and new strategic referral partners to collaborate with. I will be putting these strategies to work, and I will be working with James again! He is so good at what he does!

Denise Laird

James helped me and my family at a time when our lives were topsy-turvy and we had a lot of important decisions to make. I could not have made those decisions without his help and guidance!
One of the things that happened through my work with James was that I found full-time employment! I worked as a teacher previously, but found that work extremely stressful. During that process, James worked with me on my resume, interviewing skills, and even helped me set up my profile on LinkedIn! The job I have now is not as stressful as being a teacher and I have full health benefits for me and my family, which we needed.
If you're not sure whether or not to work with James, I am happy to recommend him! I wish him much business success and lots of love!

Steven Willard Yoga Instructor

When I started working with James, I wanted to take my work as a yoga instructor in a whole new direction. In addition, I was seeking the spiritual significance around not just my work, but my personal relationships as well.
James has one of the kindest, genuinely empathetic spirits I have ever encountered. When you're being coached by James, he has a way asking tough questions and dispensing hard truths in the kindest of ways. The principles I learned with James are still part of my daily practice.

This session can serve as a stand-alone session or as a jumping-off point for long-term coaching.

Schedule your "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session today!

"Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session

30-minute session $65 investment

One hour session $125 investment​

Book your session with the online scheduler, or call (843) 708-2199(843) 708-2199 to schedule by phone.

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30-minute "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session


One Hour "Best Life Blueprint" Coaching Session


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