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Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True!

daydreamingYou have a dream.

You daydream about it. You fantasize about it. You may even have it showing up in your dreams at night, when you’re asleep.

It’s there everyday, and in every way. It’s a living, breathing part of you.

But, for some reason, it’s remained just that. A dream.

Maybe you’ve told yourself it’s just wishful thinking. A pipe dream. The timing’s not right. Conditions aren’t right.

Or worse–that it could never really happen for you.

Or maybe you’ve had some well-meaning people (and maybe some not-so-much) tell you that your dream was silly, not realistic or practical—that you could never make that happen.

I’ve been there.

When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to become a cartoonist, drawing superhero action comic books. I was going to become “the next big thing” in the comic book world.

But three influential people in my life at the time—my mother, my Commercial Arts teacher, and the Art Department Supervisor—each expressed dismay at the very thought of my becoming a cartoonist! For my mother, it wasn’t “practical.” For my art teacher and his supervisor, cartooning wasn’t “fine art,” that I couldn’t be considered a “serious” artist drawing superhero comics.

I was determined, though.

I began submitting work to the big comic book companies at the time. Each submission was met with rejection, time and time again.

After a while, I wondered if my mother and my teachers were right. I thought my dream was never going to be a reality.

And then an idea came…I decided to do it myself.

At the time, independent comic book publishers were emerging into the market and the industry. I realized I could make my dream a reality—just not the way I first envisioned it. And I did.

And then I had a dream that changed everything. Literally.

I moved to another state, and started dreaming…of the future. I started having precognitive dreams, regularly, for a year. Those dreams woke me up in a new way.

A dream brought Tarot into my life, and changed the path of my career forever.

A dream showed me that I would become a psychologist, and gave me the direction I needed to get both my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Psychology.

And, while doing my graduate school course work, a dream revealed that I would make a slight shift and work as a life coach. And I did.

Along the way, I told myself things like I’m too old to get my degrees. It will take a long time. It’s too late.

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t too late for me.

And it’s not for you. You can make your dreams come true.

Whether it’s a sleeping dream that you just know is so much more, or that longing waking life dream that still has its hold on you and won’t let go, let me offer my help to you as a Dream Decoder and intuitive life coach.

Together, we can make your dreams come true!

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